Thank you so much for all your expertise and support. I could not have done this without you.  
  Arthur Wilhelm
Born on the Fifth of July
  Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you! I owe you large for this!  
  C. K. Lawrence
The Mystery of Jessica Benson

Independent (Self) Publishing: Process is Simple

Purple Distinctions helps you get your book out into the world. When your work is written and you feel good about the quality of the finished product, submit it to Purple Distinctions. We will move your work from manuscript to published book in the package of your choice based on how you wish to invest in your vision. 
And you own your entire copyright…always!

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Writing Seminars and Retreats for LGBT People and Our Allies

typewriterHave you always wanted to write your story but couldn't find the time, or you don't know where to start? Do you start and then get stuck? Do you feel like you just need some support from like-minded writers? Now you have the opportunity to create your story in the company of other LGBT folks! Whether in an on-line teleseminar or webinar, or at a destination writing retreat vacation, your time has come to write!

Tell your story! Don't let our history get lost! Our lives and our words are important to share. Our young LGBT friends need to know on whose shoulders they stand….and why!

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Letter to Anita
In the heart-wrenching documentary LETTER TO ANITA, award-winning filmmaker Andrea Meyerson explores the painful legacy of singer Anita Bryant's infamous anti-gay campaign of the late 1970s. Narrated by Emmy-winning actress Meredith Baxter, LETTER TO ANITA tells the story of Ronni Sanlo, a married mother of two who came out as a lesbian and divorced her husband, losing custody of her children as a result—an injustice that propelled Ronni into a life of LGBT activism. Read the reveiw by Provincetown Magazine.

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