LGBT Postcard Project: Snippets of LGBT History


Join me in a new project to collect snippets, glimpses, and brief looks into our history as LGBT people. Our young LGBT folks have no idea that we couldn't hold hands in public, couldn't safely go out together, couldn't dance with one another in our own bars. So I am compiling our very real everyday personal stories from our pasts. I want to know what happened to YOU. Snippet examples from my own history include:

  • I Harassed three gay men in college because I didn't want anyone to know I was just like them. 1965-69.
    University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
  • I got married to hide my sexual orientation. 1971. Los Angeles.
  • I lost custody of my children when I came out as lesbian. 1979. Florida

Share your snippet of LGBT history! Do you have something you'd like young folks to know?
Do you have a message for them? Something about:

    • Your Coming out experience
    • Your college experience
    • AIDS
    • The women's movement
    • Bars
    • Bookstores
    • Books
    • Community
    • Lovers
    • Parents
    • Transitioning
    • Children
    • Where you met your partner
    • When you were hurt
    • When you were harassed
    • When you hurt someone
    • When you harassed someone
    • Your message to todays young LGBT people
    • Anything!

If you wish anonymity, just put your snippet on a post card with the year and location and mail it to me at:
    Dr. Ronni Sanlo
    Po box 4507
    Ventura, CA 93004

Otherwise, email your snippets to me at ronni@lgbtpostcards.com.

Snippets are included anonymously in a blog called The LGBT Postcard Project at purplebookspublishing.com/blog

With the collection of postcards, a quilt will be made using the postcards. A Book will be published in 2016 with the snippets so that our history isn't lost.