The writing, editing, and publishing (whether with a publishing company or self-publishing) is not for the faint of heart. Working with a professional to help bring the story to press is the make-break point that can determine its success. I was very fortunate to have encountered Ronni Sanlo while promoting my first novel. In that time, she changed over from being a successful, respected publisher to helping others self-publish their works. The sophistication with which she ran a publishing company, involved in editing, formatting, cover design, etc. showed in every step of my process in working with her on my second novel. Not only is she a very savvy editor and design person, she's a dream to work with. In what can be a very intimidating and scary process, she masterfully put me at ease. From the very start of our contract negotiations, through the editing & formatting, to the design of the cover, I knew I was in ethical and competent hands. Ronni Sanlo did not disappoint.  
  Paulette Mahurin
His Name was Ben

Why Purple Distinctions

WritersWeekly.com (01/16/2013) noted that many of the large self-publishing companies charge authors thousands to tens of thousands of dollars, much of which will never recoup from book sales.

Purple Distinctions offers an affordable package for independent authors who want to see their books in print and on line without breaking the bank!

At Purple Distinctions, you speak with Ronni, the owner of the company, not a sales rep or marketing account person who wants to sell you thousands of dollars of extras and add-ons. Purple Distinctions has no after-products as ploys to get your hard earned dollars. We simply help you get your book made. Ronni published her own book with Purple Distinctions and understands what authors want and need in a cost effective, ethical, professional manner.

Included in our fees are:
•  A stunning full-color cover by a graphics artist (see our covers below)
•  The ISBN number
•  Complete set-up of your manuscript
•  Your own account on CreateSpace, Kindle, Amazon, and iBook
•  Ten free print-copy books
•  Complete review and approval by you every step of the way
•  The satisfaction of publishing your hard work


There are no other fees. You set your own retail price and earn your own money from the sale of your books, paid directly to you. You own 100% of your rights and 100% of your profits. All you pay to Purple Distinctions is the price below. And you won't be marketed to purchase more of anything. The package you see below is all we sell. No gimmicks. No come-ons. What you see is truly what you get.

To begin making your Vision come true, contact us by phone or by email. If we accept your work for self-publication (we reserve the right to be selective), payment in full AFTER you review the contract and prior to the start of the work. You may pay by credit card or check.

Please email us at Ronni@purpledistinctions.com, for more information. You may ask your questions via email or simply call Ronni at (805) 323.5883.

Let's get your manuscript made into a beautiful book!

Getting Started

A.  Self Publishing Coaching: $100 an hour

Offering consultation and resources about how to publish your book yourself. We walk you through the process of self-publishing so that you may publish your book on CreateSpace, Amazon, and Kindle.

B.  My Vision Comes Alive!: $1500.00
  • Complete setup on CreateSpace so that your book is
    for sale on Amazon
  • E-book setup so that your book is available on Kindle
  • ISBN number
  • book formatted for print
  • 6x9 paperback book
  • full color cover
  • All sales proceeds go directly to you
  • 5 free copies